Child Health & Child Immunisations

Health Visitors

In BANES, the health visitors work in locality based teams where they offer help and advice about the wellbeing of your children. Their services range from the initial visit at home after your baby is born to comprehensive health promotion.

Our health visitors are based in the St Martin’s Childrens Centre hub and they may be able to help with many common childhood complaints including e.g. sleeping, eating problems. If you have any special needs their experience can prove invaluable in accessing support.

The health visiting team y run clinics from St Martin’s Children’s Centre, Weston Children’s Centre as well as Rush Hill & Weston Surgery.

Child Immunisations

Our Practice Nurses carry out the childhood immunisation programme.

We will contact you to arrange an appointment for your child to come in for their immunisations.

Childhood immunisations are vitally important for your child. If you have any queries about the immunisations programme, please do not hesistate to contact one of the Practice Nurses or your GP.

Please see the NHS website for more information on childhood vaccinations: