Antenatal Care

Community Midwives

Community Midwives work as part of a larger team, with particular Midwives allocated to specific GP surgeries.

Once you know you are pregnant and will need ante-natal care please let us know at the Practice:

Rush Hill: 01225 446087
Weston: 01225 446089

The Community Midwives are based at the Princess Anne Wing at the RUH. You can leave a message for the midwives at their office at the Princess Anne Wing at the RUH on 01225 825973.

Midwife Appointments

You will have an initial booking appointment with the midwives.  This is usually held at the practice, but on occasion may be held at the Royal United Hospital.

Your Midwife will arrange to see you for regular antenatal appointments during your pregnancy where they will check the wellbeing of both you and your baby. Most of these visits will be in the practice but occasionally they may be arranged at your home. You will need to go to hospital for your ultrasound scans.Your midwife will arrange all your appointments directly with you.If you are expecting your first child, you will have up to ten appointments.

If you have had a baby before, you will have around seven appointments. Under certain circumstances, for example if you develop a medical condition, you may have more appointments.Generally pregnant women see the Midwife about once a month until later on in the pregnancy when the appointments become more frequent (this depends on individual need).

All women receive post natal visits from their Community Midwife once they are home with their baby, helping with breastfeeding, baby care and support. These visits last until around 10 days after birth when care is handed over to your Health visitor.

Along with monitoring your health and wellbeing in the pregnancy the team can advise you on tests in pregnancy, classes, diet, exercise and preparation for labour and parenthood.

It’s important to see a Midwife or GP as soon as possible. You should have your ‘booking’ appointment (first appointment) by 8-10 weeks and your Midwife will need to know:

  • your medical history and any other pregnancies you may have had
  • your general health
  • your family history
  • what your expectations are for this pregnancy
  • any worries or concerns you may have.