Online Services

Enter Online Services

We are pleased to offer a safe secure on-line resource to allow you access to some practice services 24/7!

The secure facility requires a unique user name and password, so please ask at Reception if you do not have these.  

Confidentiality of patient information is of the utmost importance for us.  For this reason, we are only able to give you your user name and password in person with accompanying photographic identification.

You can request authorised repeat medications and book appointments on-line.  Please ensure you are aware of which site you are booking your appointment.

A few pointers when using the service

Nurse and Health Care Assistants appointments need varying lengths – please refer below for information on how long an appointment you will need:

Practice Nurses Appointments

  • Health checks (15 mins)
  • Athma, CHD & Hypertension check (each 15 mins)
  • Diabetes (30 mins)
  • Dressings and wound management (15 mins)
  • Travel health and vaccinations (15 mins)
  • Suture removal (15 mins)
  • Cervical smears (15 mins)
  • Childhood Immunisations (15 mins)
  • Immunisations and vaccinations (Flu, Pnuemonia, Shingles, Vitamin B12, Depo provera, Zoladex). All 15 mins
  • Ear Syringing (15 mins per ear).

Health Care Assistant Appointments

  • New Patient checks (15 mins)
  • Blood Tests (7.5 mins)*
  • Blood Pressure checks (7.5 mins)*
  • INR’s (15 mins)
  • ECG’s (15 mins)
  • Immunisations and vaccinations (Flu, Pnuemonia, Shingles & Vitamin B12) (15 mins)
  • Ear Syringing (15 mins per ear).

*If you need both Blood Tests and Blood Pressure , book yourself a 15 min appointment.

Please note that all blood samples are collected from the surgery in the morning, and all blood test appointments need to be before hospital collection time.

For Rush Hill, all blood test appointments need to be before 10.30am.

For Weston, all blood test appointments need to be before 11.00am.

Medical Records

Patients using on-line services can now opt to view the coded entries of your medical records. All medical conditions have specific codes which are detailed in your medical records.

When you log-in to SystmOnline, on your home screen you have to option of requesting access to your coded medical records. This sends a message to the practice to enable this feature to your on-line account.