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Wellbeing Walks


Wellbeing Walks

Join our gentle walking group for short walks of up to 30 minutes in small groups.

see the link to the poster Minerva wellbeing walks

Free, with no commitment to attend regularly


Rachel Social Prescriber 07799 445810

Lucy – 07816 641 745


3pm on Wednesday 30th June and Wednesday 4th August


Combe Down Surgery, Combe Down House, The Avenue, Combe Down, Bath BA2 5EG – meet in the garden, entrance on the left hand side of the surgery.


Those interested in gentle exercise – people with health conditions such as obesity, or some mobility issues. Suits people experiencing anxiety about exercise or socialising. People who’d be interested in training as walk leaders are also welcome, and we can provide training and build confidence to do that.


For COVID-19 vaccinations please contact the National Booking Service to make an appointment – not your GP practice. 

The local Clinical Commissioning Group are also running pop up walk in clinics.  please see their website for up to date information on these, click on the link to the right:  Covid-19 vaccination (

All local sites are now available through the National Booking Service online or by calling 119 and it’s the best way to get an appointment for both 1st and 2nd doses, if you don’t have an appointment already. 

Please don’t hesitate, when it’s your turn to be vaccinated, please do so as soon as possible. 

The NHS appreciates that at times the system can be busy, but be assured the NHS will make sure everyone is offered the opportunity to be immunised so please keep trying. 

New clinics are being set up all the time at various locations including some community pharmacies so your patience is appreciated.  


Your right to withdraw consent for us to share your personal information (NHS National Data Opt-Out)

If you don’t want your identifiable patient data to be shared for purposes except for your own care, you can opt-out by registering a Type 1 Opt-out or a National Data Opt-out, or both. These opt-outs are different and they are explained in more detail below. Your individual care will not be affected if you opt-out using either option.

Type 1 Opt-out (opting out of NHS Digital collecting your data)

NHS Digital will not collect data from GP practices about patients who have registered a Type 1 Opt-out with their practice. More information about Type 1 Opt-outs is in the GP Data for Planning and Research Transparency Notice

To register your opt out preference, please complete and return the  Data Sharing Opt-out-Form

This collection will start on 1 July 2021 so if you do not want your data to be shared with NHS Digital please register your Type 1 Opt-out with your GP practice by 23 June 2021.

If you register a Type 1 Opt-out after this collection has started, no more of your data will be shared with us. We will however still hold the patient data which was shared with us before you registered the Type 1 Opt-out.

If you do not want NHS Digital to share your identifiable patient data with anyone else for purposes beyond your own care, then you can also register a National Data Opt-out.

National Data Opt-out (opting out of NHS Digital sharing your data)

NHS Digital will collect data from GP medical records about patients who have registered a National Data Opt-out. The National Data Opt-out applies to identifiable patient data about your health, which is called confidential patient information.

NHS Digital won’t share any confidential patient information about you – this includes GP data, or other data we hold, such as hospital data – with other organisation’s, unless there is an exemption to this.

To find out more information and how to register a National Data Opt-Out, please read the GP Data for Planning and Research Transparency Notice.


To find out more or to register your choice to opt out, please visit

You can complete the form by clicking here:

Data Sharing Opt-out-Form

You can change your choice at any time.