Monthly Archives: December 2020

Grosvenor and Monmouth surgery patients

You will now have received a letter from your current practice informing you of your new practice from the end of March 2021.  You do not need to do anything at the moment. You won’t need to register yourself at the new practice – your records and patient information will be automatically transferred in due course.  If you would prefer to transfer to a different surgery than the one you have been allocated, please contact your current surgery by 4th January 2021.  Thank you

Cervical Screening

Cervical screening aims to prevent cervical cancer. We know that more women than normal have not attended for their screening tests during the Covid-19 pandemic for various reasons.

If you have received a letter asking you to come in for a screening test it is very important that you DO attend. Staff will be following strict guidance on infection control to protect you and themselves. You won’t be able to take someone with you to your appointment and the results may be delayed so talk to your doctor or the nurse about what to expect or any concerns you might have.